Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On Motherhood

Warning: The following post is sappy and completely off topic. Please forgive, I'm having a mommy moment :o)

Motherhood- is there any greater gift in the world, than being a mother? I sit here tonight slightly depressed because my baby is starting 2nd grade tomorrow- 2ND GRADE! I think the hardest part of being a parent is learning to let go. He informed me a few months ago that he can't call me "mommy" anymore, I am now referred to simply as "mom". (And heaven forbid I slip and refer to myself as mommy). The day will come when he no longer wants to cuddle in bed at night, or kiss me in front of his friends. But those special times will be replaced with new traditions, new meangful moments that we will share. As I reminisce about the past 7 years, I find myself trying to recount his "lasts". When was the last time he said "chicken" for "kitchen", when was the last time he was small enough to fit on my hip, when was the last time I felt his tiny body kick inside my belly? My little guy is also growing up- he's 2 years old now and potty training. I swear he was just a tiny infant laying in my arms! Mothers- remember to take time to enjoy each moment, each stage of your child's life. I know I can get so caught up in the day to day events of life, that I completely forget to just sit back and enjoy what God has blessed me with. Being a mother.

Alright if you're still there you rock. Thanks for listening to my random ramblings. If you post a comment I'll have a random drawing for a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.



  1. Aw, so sweet. Thought I don't know ANYTHING about motherhood, I can only imagine how emotional it is to have your little ones start the independent streak and want to wander off into the world. Your boys are adorable - you should post more pics of them on your blog. They have to be used to being in front of your camera by now. :)

  2. Oh Shannon- I can relate to those feelings. Although my little bug is only 5 months old I'm still wondering where the time has gone. She is already wanting to go go go- not being content with just having me hold her all of the time (which I could- and still try to do as often as I possibly can) My mom got me a book I want to reccomend to you- it's called "Let me hold you longer" by Karen Kingsbury. Everytime I read it I cry but that's exactly what it talks about- if I would have known it was the last time you were going to cry for me to hold you would I have held you a little bit longer- such a sad thought but such a sweet memory. Cherish them forever and always- children are such a blessing- I never realized how truly amazing God was until He gave me my daughter!

  3. Hey Amy- I don't take as many pictures of them as I'd like. For one, they won't sit for me. I can make great portaits of other people's children, but not my own...lol.
    And Annie- Yea we read that book in mops last year- it was such a depressing meeting! I think most of us were crying at that one and we decided we needed to lighten things up for the next few meetings. I came to the same realization as you after having Brennan- God is amazing and life is truly a miracle!

  4. Our 7 year old just gave up "Mommy" and "Daddy" as well. They grow up so fast, don't they? Our is starting 2nd grade this year, too.

  5. Hmm, 7 must be the magical age when kids decide they're growing up then..lol


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