Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Before and After {Williamsport, PA Photographer}

I've decided to start a section entitled "Client Edu". Here I will post FAQ, and other interesting tid-bits about my business and photography in general. If you have any questions you would like answered, please e-mail me at, or just fill out the contact form at the side of this page.
To start with I decided to answer the question, "What editing is included with my session?"
Every picture that you see will be hand picked and edited by me. After a session or wedding, I go through and pick out the best pictures, then I edit those. My editing is part of my vision as an artist, and no one else will edit exactly as I do. Every photographer has (or should have) their own unique style; something that sets them apart. Here are a few before and after pictures so you can see what comes straight out of my camera, and what the final product looks like.


I loved this picture of Morgan. She has such beautiful eyes, and I really wanted to bring those out in my final picture. I also warmed it up a bit, and worked a little more "magic" and voila!- the final image looks great!

Here's one of my favorite newborn portraits of little Natalie. It was a little cool and flat straight out of the camera, so again I warmed it up a bit, added a slight vignette to really bring the focus in on her face, did a little skin smoothing, and removed a few minor blemishes. Newborn complexions aren't the best, but I don't like to perfect them too much, just a little bit goes a long way because you want to remember your baby exactly as she was :o)
As you can see images straight out of the camera tend to be a little flat or dull, especially when shooting in raw format as I do. Editing is no small job, it takes me hours to edit just one session, and it is included in your session fee.
PS: Photoshop is not a tool to make bad images look good. Rather, it is meant to enhance images that are good to begin with.

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